How much does it cost to have a totally custom concept guitar built from scratch, and how long does it take?

Prices start at £3250 for a completely bespoke instrument concept built to your specifications. Every concept involves intricate wood carving and multi-stage custom paint work, which can take hundreds of working hours to complete. Most guitar concepts can be built in 6-8 weeks, there is also a waiting list. Please contact me for an exact wait time estimate.

Am I able to request one of the other designs with few modifications or change of color?

Yes, my previous work can be altered to your preference. Modifications can be quoted on request.

Aren’t these guitars very heavy, since you’ve added a metal top?

Not at all! The Bronze Top concept isn’t really a piece of bronze, it’s actually the wooden guitar body which I hammer and carve, then custom paint, to give the textured feel and metallic lustre of bronze. Unless otherwise specified, all my guitar concepts are carved from wood, and any ‘metal’ tops or bindings are simply carved and painted for effect.