WASP O2 Forum London

22nd November 2017

I had the pleasure of  meeting Doug Blair Lucek of WASP at their London show in October, along with my customer Andrew Wagstaff, who I made the Crimson Idol tribute guitar for earlier in the year.  Doug kindly showed me some of his guitars and I was honoured to have him play the CI25 guitar on stage for a few songs.



Bloodstock 2017

15th August 2017

Great weekend seeing bands at Bloodstock including meeting Amon Amarth while they signed the Viking V for the EMP competition. A big thanks to James and Mark from EMP for organising and making it happen.


Iron Top Stolen

15th March 2016

In case you haven’t read on the HGC Facebook page; back in January the Iron Top guitar was stolen through a scam by a Mike Barnes of Gun Barrel City, Mabank, Texas USA.

Thanks to those that came forward with information and have helped in getting Mike Barnes arrested. The guitar has not yet been found, and as it is a one off, it is easily identifiable. If you see this guitar or have any information on its whereabouts please contact me through the website. Thank you.

For other guitar Luthiers: please do not deal with Mike Barnes- he has scammed many companies claiming to be the singer from the band RED or just a highly endorsed artist wanting you to send him free gear.


New custom build started..

20th August 2015

The UPS man has managed to prise the latest custom builds from my fingers and deliver them to my customers. Just as well I’m starting a new custom build this week then! Keep an eye on Facebook for details…


Mayan V complete!

4th April 2015

I’ve finally finished the Mayan V commission. This involved some major carving work to recreate the relief on King Pakal’s Tomb lid. Just been taking some photos on some rocks, which is as close as I  can get to a South American background in the heart of England!



5th March 2015

There are a few bugs in the new checkout that I’m having sorted. If you’re unable to place an order/deposit, you can email me directly at james@hutchinsonguitars.com and we can arrange things manually.

28/03/15 Now fixed and working fine.

The Great British Guitar Show 2015

22nd February 2015

I’m not exhibiting this year but will be at the Guitar Show in Birmingham next weekend. Just getting some flyers printed…

Welcome to the new blog

3rd February 2015

2015 has been off to a slow start, but I have much planned for this year. More Viking guitars are lined up including a full 8 string new build, and as the last of the Oxidizers sell (only 1 left) I’m considering a new run of effects pedals.
Watch this space for more updates…