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Specialising in unique custom guitars, designed and built to order. Concept work can be carried out on existing guitars or a HGC guitar built to customers specifications. Most Concepts can be adapted and personalised to each customer, ensuring a high level of exclusivity. Alternatively I can work with the customer to design something completely new. Contact me to discuss original ideas and pricing, then apply to the waiting list.

WASP O2 Forum London

22nd November 2017

I had the pleasure of  meeting Doug Blair Lucek of WASP at their London show in October, along with my customer Andrew Wagstaff, who I made the Crimson Idol tribute guitar for earlier in the year.  Doug kindly showed me some of his guitars and I was honoured to have him play the CI25 guitar on stage for a few songs.



It sounds, feels and plays great. Finally got to plug it in and jam and it’s awesome.

Thanks for making such a great guitar. I admit I had my reservations spending that much money on something that wasn’t an actual Gibson, but you have really done some fine work. I can’t wait to get it on stage to see the looks on people’s faces. It’s truly one of a kind.

- Tom, USA