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Specialising in unique custom guitars, designed and built to order. Concept work can be carried out on existing guitars or a HGC guitar built to customers specifications. Most Concepts can be adapted and personalised to each customer, ensuring a high level of exclusivity. Alternatively I can work with the customer to design something completely new. Contact me to discussĀ original ideas and pricing, then apply to the waiting list.

Mayan V complete!

4th April 2015

I’ve finally finished the Mayan V commission. This involved some major carving work to recreate the relief on King Pakal’s Tomb lid. Just been taking some photos on some rocks, which is as close as IĀ  can get to a South American background in the heart of England!


I just brought my guitar home. I am more than thrilled with the results. It looks and sounds amazing. Thank you so much.

- Michael, USA