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Specialising in unique custom guitars, designed and built to order. Concept work can be carried out on existing guitars or a HGC guitar built to customers specifications. Most Concepts can be adapted and personalised to each customer, ensuring a high level of exclusivity. Alternatively I can work with the customer to design something completely new. Contact me to discuss original ideas and pricing, then apply to the waiting list.

Mayan V complete!

4th April 2015

I’ve finally finished the Mayan V commission. This involved some major carving work to recreate the relief on King Pakal’s Tomb lid. Just been taking some photos on some rocks, which is as close as I  can get to a South American background in the heart of England!


It really looks as great, as I thought it would, from seeing the photos! I really like the details of your artwork. It really looks old and used! Did you put it into a timemachine? Its a fine piece of art. Everyone who sees it, tells me: “Wow, what a great guitar!”

- Sebastian, Germany