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Specialising in unique custom guitars, designed and built to order. Concept work can be carried out on existing guitars or a HGC guitar built to customers specifications. Most Concepts can be adapted and personalised to each customer, ensuring a high level of exclusivity. Alternatively I can work with the customer to design something completely new. Contact me to discuss original ideas and pricing, then apply to the waiting list.

New custom build started..

20th August 2015

The UPS man has managed to prise the latest custom builds from my fingers and deliver them to my customers. Just as well I’m starting a new custom build this week then! Keep an eye on Facebook for details…


I can barely stop playing it, it’s awesome. It’s beyond words, and it plays SO nicely. I love how low and smooth the action is, and how the ‘metal-work’ for some reason actually feels like metal.

It is easily my favourite guitar already. And I have a Les Paul Custom, so that’s saying something! It truly is the most brutally awesome viking metal guitar in the history of everything. Thank you so much!

- Thom, UK