Mayan V


The original Mayan V has come up for sale!


Featuring a modified relief of the one found on the sarcophagus lid of the Mayan ruler; K’inich Janaab’ Pakal or King Pakal. All hand carved as with all concepts.

The whole top of this Vintage V guitar has been custom finished in a deep, aged gold, with matching hardware in the form of Imperial style tuners, Gotoh bridge and a Seymour Duncan SM-3 mini humbucker with coil tap available from a push/push volume.

Those familiar with the Mayan relief may note the absence of the descending Sun God in the original design. This had to be left off due to the shape of the guitar, but appears instead as a 12th fret brass inlay.


This was a one-off unique commission and will not be duplicated.        





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